DIJYouknow... up to $7 billion in employer matching gift funds goes unclaimed per year?

By Samantha Plateroti

Many businesses match donations, but employees are not taking advantage of this - leaving billions of funding on the table.

This stat is from Charities.org.

Why does this happen?
1) Employees are not aware that their employer matches donations
2) Employees do not know that there is a threshold amount that qualifies their donation for the company’s program
3) Employees would rather avoid having this conversation with finance
4) The nonprofit organization doesn’t know that the donor’s employer has a matching gift program, so they don’t ask for it

The tech Dijy uses can help in the following ways:
1) During the donation checkout, allow your donor to search their company name and find in real-time if they offer matching gifts
2) Set up notifications telling your supporting donor about the impact their donation can have
3) Allow your donor to click a button to auto-claim their matched donation

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