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DIJYouknow... an estimated $4 – $7 billion in employer matching gift funds goes unclaimed per year?

Posted by Samantha Plateroti on February 14, 2023
Samantha Plateroti
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Many businesses match donations, but employees are not taking advantage of this - leaving billions of funding on the table.

Why does this happen?
1) The donor is not aware that their employer matches donations
2) The donor doesn't know that there is a threshold amount that qualifies their donation for the company’s program
3) They'd rather avoid having that conversation with finance
4) The nonprofit organization doesn’t know that the donor’s employer has a matching gift program, so they don’t ask for it

Here’s how working Dijy can help:
1) During the donation checkout, the donor can search their company name and find in real-time if they offer matching gifts
2) Set up notifications telling the donor about the impact their gift can have
3) Allow the donor to click a button to auto-claim their matched donation
4) Employer automatically gets all the required details and sends a check to the nonprofit organization


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