Increase Donations by Improving Your Nonprofit Website

By Samantha Plateroti

Your nonprofit's website is the front door to your organization. It should be clear, friendly and easy for people to navigate.

But it should also be an opportunity for you to raise money.

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In this post, we'll review ways you can improve your website to help raise more funds.

Update your website for easy navigation

Your website is your most important tool for fundraising. It's the first impression donors get of your organization, so it's critical that it looks professional and makes a good impression on visitors.

Here are some simple steps you can take to improve the navigation of your nonprofit website:

  • Use a responsive design

A responsive design means that the site will automatically adjust itself based on device size (phone, tablet or computer) so that it always looks good on any screen size--no matter what type of device someone uses to view it! This will ensure that people can easily find information about your organization no matter where they are viewing the site from.

  • Keep things simple

Have a clear navigation menu that link directly back to home pages when clicked on them (rather than taking people off into another section).

Add a 'Donate' CTA to your website

You can increase donation conversions by adding a donate CTA (read more about what a CTA is) to your website.

  • Use a CTA button

Make sure it's clear, consistent with your brand and calls out exactly what you want your supporters to do. "Donate Now" or "Support ________" are a couple of examples.

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  • Make sure it stands out!

If it is hard for visitors to find the CTA, they will not convert well! The ideal placement for this would be in your navigation bar and on different pages throughout your site.

Make Seamless Donation Forms

  • The CTA should bring your visitor to your donation form

  • The less information needed, the better. Make it easy for people!

  • Make sure that your donation form is mobile friendly, so donors can donate from wherever they are.

Check out the Top Nonprofit Online Donation Forms here.

Show How You Use Donations

One of the most effective ways to increase donations is by demonstrating how your nonprofit has used donors' money. This can be accomplished in a number of ways, but one of the simplest is through a comprehensive list of accomplishments that show what you have done with previous donations.

For example, if you've just renovated an animal shelter or built new houses for low-income families, show off those results on your website, and tell visitors exactly how much it costed and why these projects were so important!

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We hope that you have found this article helpful and are able to use it to improve your nonprofit website. Once you have a great site, you need to start engaging your donors. Check out some of our tips here!

If you're stuck on where to even start or need help with your website, reach out to Dijy - we're here to help you grow!

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