MegaPay Streamlines Operations and Enhances Customer Engagement with Dijy


Before working with Dijy, MegaPay, a leading provider of payroll, timekeeping, and HR software, faced operational challenges. A manual sales process and increasing demand of clients with no centralized system, lead to inefficiencies. MegaPay had also launched a new website without an active blog or email newsletter. This further hindered their ability to engage customers effectively. 


Dijy's provided MegaPay with a customized HubSpot setup. This resulted in significant time savings for MegaPay.  Dijy also enhanced customer engagement by setting up a blog and email newsletter, becoming a key channel for communication. This resulted in 44.88% average email open rate, a 13.7% click-through rate, and a substantial 17.71% increase in website traffic after one year.


Software + Business Services

Tools Used

HubSpot Sales Hub + Marketing Hub


Success Stories

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This success story highlights how MegaPay saved significant time, improved client management, and added value through their collaboration with Dijy.


Implementation of HubSpot CRM by Dijy

MegaPay realized the potential of using a CRM and sought Dijy's expertise to implement HubSpot hubspot

With Dijy's guidance, MegaPay successfully transitioned from a completely manual sales process with scattered conversations to a centralized and automated platform.

Dijy worked closely with MegaPay to configure HubSpot, saving MegaPay hours of manual work daily.


Enhanced Customer Engagement through Blogging and Email Newsletters

MegaPay wanted to engage with their customers and provide valuable insights and industry related news.

Dijy helped MegaPay set up their blog and email newsletter, which became their go-to channels for customer communication. Dijy's team, contributed by writing two blog posts per month, conducting research, creating engaging email campaigns, and writing social media posts on MegaPay's behalf.

Success Metrics

Average Email Open Rate: MegaPay's email campaigns achieved an impressive average open rate of 44.88%. According to Campaign Monitor, average open rates for email marketing and newsletters is 21.5%.  This demonstrates the effectiveness of Dijy's strategies in capturing the attention of recipients and generating interest. 

Click-through Rate (CTR): MegaPay's emails generated a notable CTR of 13.7% (compared to an average of 2-5% based on industry), showcasing the successful engagement and call-to-action responsiveness of their targeted audience. 

Increased Website Traffic: The implementation of a blog with email campaigns resulted in an increase in traffic of 17.71% to MegaPay's website. An increase of website traffic helps with SEO, allowing MegaPay to be found more frequently in Google’s SERP.

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Client Quote

Aron, from MegaPay, shares his experience of partnering with Dijy:

"I originally worked with Dijy to implement HubSpot CRM, which saved me countless hours daily. With HubSpot, I no longer needed to rely on delayed email delivery and scrolling around for conversation history. It's a game-changer for our productivity. Then, when we wanted to revamp our outdated website, Dijy helped us with the redesign and logo. Lastly, Dijy has helped us set up our blog and email newsletter. All I need to do is provide a topic and resources, and Dijy takes care of the rest—writing, sending emails, and creating social media posts. It's an invaluable service that I couldn't have done alone."



By implementing HubSpot CRM with the help of Dijy, MegaPay streamlined their operations, saving significant time while maintaining exceptional client management.

Additionally, Dijy's expertise in setting up a blog and email newsletter transformed MegaPay's customer engagement, leading to a remarkable open rate and CTR for their email campaigns.

MegaPay's collaboration with Dijy highlights the immense value in their partnership, driving growth, and delivering a personalized experience to their clients.

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