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DIJYouKnow... 60% of American households donate to a charity?

Posted by Samantha Plateroti on May 05, 2023
Samantha Plateroti
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According to the Philanthropy Roundtable, 6 out of 10 American households donate to a charity.

So how do you get your nonprofit to standout & compel supporters to donate to support your mission? 

  • Use a donor management system or a  CRM

This will help you better understand your donors, communicate with them effectively to encourage repeat donations, and find donors similar to them.

  • Have a website that's easy to navigate

Allow supporters to find out how you serve the community easily, how you're putting donations to work, and understand your overall mission.

  • Make sure your website is mobile friendly

Where is your cell phone right now? My guess it's in arms reach. 55% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. Make sure your nonprofit is taking advantage of this!

  • Get a donation platform

You may have heard of FundraiseUp. This donation platform is changing the game by making it easier for donors to donate and they even use AI to increase donation conversions.

With FundraiseUp, you can create peer to peer campaigns, enable company matching, and track all of your donations back to your CRM (like HubSpot 😉)

  • Use social media

So many nonprofits are not using social media to their advantage! You're posting on Facebook and Twitter, but what about LinkedIn? There are 850 million people who use LinkedIn, so your opportunities are endless! Check out these 5 tips for asking for donations.

  • Share your impact and appreciation
Sharing the impact your org is making will entice others to want to contribute and help. Use your website and your social to showcase all the great things you're doing to make a difference!
  • Find & leverage your advocates

Engage with your community, volunteers, and past donors and give them opportunities to share your org with their network. Provide them with social posts to share, videos and pictures from events, encourage them to share why they believe in your mission!

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