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Nail It Handyman Triples Sales in Less Than 6 Months

Posted by Jessica Jardin on October 12, 2020

As an industry leader in residential and commercial property repair throughout NYC and Northern New Jersey, interest in Nail It Handyman continues to grow. Their team of expert handymen focuses on the installations, repairs, and maintenance that makes homes and offices a pleasure to be in. 

While Nail It Handyman has run a successful operation since 2016, not having a detailed system of record to keep track of their increasing volume of leads  caused a number of challenges. Partnering with Dijy has equipped Nail It Handyman with the knowledge and tools to grow better.

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7 HubSpot Updates from INBOUND2020

Posted by Jessica Jardin on September 24, 2020

HubSpot continues to Inspire What's Next with their 7 latest product highlights announced at INBOUND2020. This year's immersive experience was the perfect example of what it means to embrace change, adapt, and innovate.

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How to Explain Automation to your Grandma

Posted by Ari Haas on October 28, 2019

TLDR: Busy? Here's the short version:

To sum it up in one sentence, automation is when repeatable tasks are triggered to happen automatically, instead of manually. 

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